Dumpster Policy

GCS Recycling Inc. is not responsible for any items put in dumpster, and reserves the right to reject dumpster contents if any restricted items are found on site. If restricted items are hidden and are not found till dumpster is emptied then extra fees will be applied there after. If you are not sure about what can go in the dumpster or have any questions, we encourage you to call the office.

Extra fees will apply If the weight of the dumpster exceeds the limit specified on the dumpster page, or if dumpster is kept longer than 7 days.

NOT allowed in dumpsters:

  • Hazardous or toxic waste
  • All liquids, solvents, chemicals, grease, gas, oil tanks
  • House garbage(MSW)
  • Tires
  • Paint
  • Wet concrete, or pieces of concrete bigger than 6x6x12 inches.

What is MSW?

MSW stands for Municipal Solid Waste. This is the trash you throw out everyday in your weekly trash pickup. GCS  Recycling Inc. does not accept this.

Dumpster Notice:

Dumpsters are capable of damaging property. Dumpsters are equip with wheels in the rear which assist in the dropping and retrieval processes. It is recommended customers reserve a hard spot for dumpsters to be placed on (driveway, street). It is also recommended that customer place plywood or some sort of planking underneath dumpster to reduce stress on surface. Customer may also request planking if they do not have access to any. Though the lawn might be your ideal location, we advise against this due to the damage that may occur to your lawn, and to our equipment. Soft dirt, or mud caused by rain will cause the dumpster to sink in the ground. GCS Recycling Inc. trucks weigh much more than do dumpsters, and takes less for them to become stuck in these environments. We are not responsible for damage done due to placement or pickup of dumpsters.

Our drivers have the right to deem a specified location unsafe to drop due to unsafe conditions. Please keep in mind our trucks require plenty of vertical clearance for the dropping and retrieval processes (25-30ft). Please inform us of any low hanging wires that might be at risk to be damaged.